Application Support Engineer

Today was the final interview for me for the post of Application Support Engineer at eBuilder. It’s a Swedish software company. I believe I have a confirmation on the job. Currently, I’m awaiting to work out formalities to start work. By August I will definitely be starting work there. My good friend Kaushini is also at eBuilder for the past few years. Certainly going to be fun.

UPDATE : So it’s confirmed. I will be starting work at eBuilder on the 9th of August 2010. It’s going to be an interesting and fun week.


GMail maximum thread limit…

I always wondered the maximum number of threads Gmail can handle in a single conversation. Today I reached the maximum capacity. The maximum is 100. After this even though you can reply, the message doesn’t submit. Gmail says that is submits the message. But the thread doesn’t update. Interesting indeed.

UPDATE : So within the course of the day I learnt that actually the message I sent after the 100th message did submit, and that GMail had created a newer thread with the same recipients and subject. Quite neat.