How Data Travels Along a “Wireless” Network

Ever wondered how data travels through a wireless network?? Most of us send a lot of Multimedia Messages (MMS) but we really don’t know the science and the effort put behind it. The following info graphic will explain the whole process one by one.

Article via – How Data Travels Along a “Wireless” Network


Birthday surprise for Kaushini

So my good friend Kaushinis birthday was on Saturday the 26th. So I thought I should formulate a surprise for her. But a unique one. So I got my old blogger account running and made a blog for her and posted a birthday wish and got Kaushinis’ friends, family, collegues and teachers to post comments on the article as wishes.

Of course I needed some help to get everyone too comment and none other helped me out who is one of my good friends and also best buddy of Kaushini –  Ifaza. Thanks Iffy. The blog we made is –