QR Code

Yesterday after I posted about the unique bar code, I remembered another type of code I bumped across few weeks back.It’s called a QR Code.  What is  QR Code?? Well it’s simply a two dimensional bar code. But the QR code is capable of carrying much more information than a bar code as it can carry data in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal.

Anyway this type of code looks really cool too. Using a QR code generator you can generate a QR Code with almost any text data you want. And as the bar code, you need to have a special reader to read this type of codes. But the best part is we can install this reader in our mobile phones and we can decrypt the QR code in few seconds.

Here I generated a code with my name and blog URL.

You can easily find QR code generators as well as readers on the web for free.


Bar code yourself…

Well with a really dull and boring day on the run I decided to start stumbling for pages on the web. I came across few interesting pages. But as high tech I like to be, I really loved one particular page that I stumbled across. What it does – Creates a unique and cool bar code with your details. I know it sounds childish but hey, it’s  fun and the best part is you can get it printed in a mug or a t-shirt.

This is my unique bar code and it contains details like gender, weight, height, age and location.  Try it out your self – Bar code Yourself

Quite a few happenings…

Well again it’s been few months since I wrote something. A lot has happened since. To start off with I received my final results of my bachelors.  And I did score well in it. I’ve also started few jobs in the mean time.

One as a part time lecturer at Gateway Educational Services lecturing on ICT subjects. Another as a trainee software and quality assurance engineer at Gateway Consultancy Services on a contract basis. My colleagues in both my jobs are some of my old friends and working with them has been really cool.

So overall my life in the past few months have been really happening. With a lot of things to do and look forward to everyday.