Another Injury…

Well finally I’m able to do some typing. This new years eve sucked big time. I was playing cricket with few of my school buddies and fractured my collar bone saving a boundary. Yes I saved the boundary :)

I dived over the ball and pulled it n adjusted my self to land on the right arm but mis timed and landed on my right shoulder. Hence fractured my right collar bone. It’s been a tough ride so far as my right arm is in a sling and some day-to -day activities are tough to do. Waking up in the mornings gives an excruciating pain. Especially with no prescribed pain killers. But life goes on :)

New years dawn hasn’t been the best for me since of late. When 2009 began I had a second degree ligament tear in my right ankle while playing hockey for my then club BRC. I was off the scene for over 2 months for the injury to completely heal.

Anyway the now injury would take me around 3 weeks to completely heal. It sucks being injured but that’s how the cycle goes I guess. Break, fix, physio, rehab and then back to playing. So let’s wait and see. My next season starts next month and hopefully I can get back by then and play hockey for Old Senanayakian Hockey Club .


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